May 16, 2013

Help Me Celebrate the Big 25,000 - Win a 'Principal Undergardener' Polo Shirt

This blog has been in existence since 2009 and now has nearly 200 essay-length posts on it.  I created it as an 'etude' for my fiction writing: a mental finger-stretching exercise to limber up for penning mysteries.  In the beginning, I was lucky to get ten hits a week and I marveled that anyone would take the time to find it.

This year, 'The Principal Undergardener' is averaging a hundred hits a day.  Yesterday (May 15) the visitors came from the United States (57 visitors), Canada (9), the U.K. (7), plus a handful each from France, Australia, Russia, China, Brazil, Indonesia, India and New Zealand.  How broadly is it read?  On one memorable day in March, I had visitors from six continents.

I humbly recognize that, on a blogging readership scale of one to ten, mine barely makes the needle move.  My wife's website,, now routinely draws 300 visits every day and is Google's top-of-the-heap sites for information on topical things like impatiens blight.

But if today is an average day for me, something neat is going to happen:  I'll get my 25,000th visit.  And, to honor that milestone, I'd like to give away a couple of 'Principal Undergardener' polo shirts. I usually let people know via Facebook that there's a new post on the site but, to keep the playing field level, I'm not doing so this time.  Also, I know that most visitors have found the site because they're looking for information on a specific subject or photo ( for some reason I seem to have the world's best photo of a squash borer) and so go directly to an archived post without seeing this top item.  Anyway, if you see this post, drop me an email at n_h_sanders (at)  I'll get back to you and ask for shirt size and color preference.  As of today (August 12th), only one polo shirt has been claimed - yet there have been 5,000 additional hits!

Thanks for reading,

Neal Sanders

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