April 5, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

These three photos were taken just five days apart - the topmost one on April 2, the middle one on April 4 and the one at right on April 7.  In between the first and second photos, the temperature soared into the seventies.  As a result, bulbs popped open.  The blue hyacinths were little more than nubs in the first photo.  They're six inches high in the second and fully open in the third.  The chionodoxa were nothing but greens on April 2.  Two days later they're in their full white glory.  This was, alas, the final showing of the crocus, which while holding their own in the April 2 photo, wilted in the unexpected heat and are nothing but greens thereafter.

The strange appearance in the April 7 photo of a picea 'Sanders Blue' in front of the tetier is not a case of photoshop run amok.  The evergreen, still pot-bound but sunk into the ground to planting depth, is being 'tried out' in that spot.  New plants routinely get transitional sitings at multiple locales before finding a permanent home.

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